Are you an actor who wants to narrate audiobooks?

Are you a writer who wants to hear their own book brought to life as an audiobook?

Would you like support and guidance to make these dreams a reality?

I am an Audiobook Queen.  An award winning British audiobook narrator on over 180 titles covering many different genres, including my own novel.

Audiobooks have helped me to replace my City salary, while working from home as an actor, and bringing up a young family.  I couldn’t be happier.

Now I want to share that joy with you.

As a listener and narrator, audiobooks have changed my life in wonderful ways - they could do the same for you!

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Esther, has been such a great guide in my voiceover journey so far. She came to my rescue when I was thrown into the deep end with my first ever audiobook. I’m so grateful for all the tips, tricks and advise she gave me to help prepare. She knows what she’s talking about, this Audiobook Queen! Thank you Esther

Rameet Rauli - Actor

Esther is a wonderful coach. I found her advice to be very clear and constructive and her guidance both imaginative and inspiring. She is passionate about her work and extremely patient. As well as being creative her mentoring is practical and instils confidence. Esther is unique because she is not just great at coaching, she really cares.

Lara Hutchinson - Singer and Actor

I had a question regarding AudioBook Demo Reel format, and went on the Indie Narrators and Producers FB group.
Esther very kindly replied swiftly and offered to have a chat. She was really helpful, positive, and inspiring. As an audiobook narrator she really knows her stuff, she gave great advice.

Claire Vousden - Actress & Voice Over