10 things that changed my life

May 11, 2021

I recently came across an article about Keith Fleming where he set out the 10 things that had changed his life. It had me wondering what my own ten things would be.

Now I’m sure there are many more than ten things that have altered my life so this is really a highlights list (in true Oscar’s style there are many people, places and things that haven’t made the list that I am hugely grateful for). Anyway, without further ado, here they are!

1. My heart operation when I was 5.
I had a hole in my heart between the ventricles repaired and was able to live a much more normal life than the one I’d had before. I am so grateful to the doctors, nurses and surgeons who took such amazing care of me as well as the additional grandparents I gathered on the cardiology ward!

2. Books
Learning to read opened up my world when I was a child, especially as I was not able to be as active as other children. Inside a book I could be and do whatever I wanted.

3. Creative Writing

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A Time to be Grateful

Jan 11, 2021

New Year, Same Me

On 1st January 2020 I sat at my dining table with the Canon Zoe Mini printer my Mum gave me for Christmas, my phone, a piece of card and some sparkly coloured pens.  I was fed up, fed up that Christmas was over, fed up of being told I was supposed to be a new me, fed up of feeling that I was supposed to be dissatisfied and reaching for something more. 

I decided to do something different.  I thought about what I might do if I were actually enough just as I was, if my life were actually pretty amazing without a private jet, Range Rover or Caribbean villa, if instead of reaching for something outside myself I could find peace with what I already had.

Gratitude Board

This led me to create a Gratitude Board.  I went back through my photographs for 2019 and printed off the ones of people, places and things that made me smile and remember the good moments I had enjoyed, either alone or with those I love.  I included my TEDx talk, holidays, my...

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